BitcoinStake Airdrop Ends October 31 2017

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Proof of Stake Coin

 BitcoinStake is a peer-to-peer digital currency based on PoS and PoW coin algorithm.

Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: PoW/PoS
Coin Name: BitcoinStake
Ticker: BCS
Address Letter: B
RPC Port: 23976
P2P Port: 23975
Block Reward: 15 coins
Total Supply: 21,000,000

Premine %: 70%
  Premine Total: 14,700,000 
  PoS Percentage: 10% per year
  Last PoW block: 1000
  Coinbase Maturity: 100 blocks
  Target Spacing: 64 seconds
  Target Time Span: 1 block
  Transaction Confirmations: 6 blocks


BitcoinStake would like to reward the early adopters and
the free airdrops will be as follows, (~10 million coins airdrop total).
First Come First Serve.

Legendary Airdrop:
100,000  coins (First 10 LEGENDARY Members) 
No Available Slots

Hero Airdrop:
100 coins (First 100 HERO Members and above)
No Available Slots

Full Member Airdrop:
2,500 coins (First 400 FULL MEMBERS and above).
No Available Slots

Member Airdrop:
1,000 coins (First 1000 MEMBERS and above).

JR. Member Airdrop:
500 coins (Until AirDrop Closes).

Newbie Accounts Airdrop:
100 coins (Until AirDrop Closes | Account creation date must be before Oct.2nd 2017).

Brand New Accounts: Not eligible.


Follow These Steps

All transactions have been accounted for in Google Sheets(including dev staking coins and reserve)...verifiable on the blockexplorer.

The transaction and usernames will be logged in google spreadsheet publicly viewable, to ensure nobody gets double airdrops.

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